60min Hot Stone Massage + 30min Head & Foot Massage* - TWO people

1 hour 30 minutes of deeply-rejuvenating indulgence together with your friend or loved one of our spacious couple spa rooms.

60-min Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious remedy for tight muscles and knots. Strong, deeply relaxing massage strokes are applied with warm oil. Hot basalt lava stones applied to specific points enable a deeper massage to leave your muscles feeling loose and relaxed.

30-min Tension Relief Head & Foot Massage

This deep relaxation massage start with a stress-relieving Indian Head massage of your head,  face and neck, followed by an intense, tension-easing foot reflexology massage, stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to induce relaxation.

*add on body scrub or facial $67 off payable at the spa

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